In South Florida, two of the most popular warm-season grasses seen in this region are Bahia and St Augustine. Both grasses do well in a hot, humid area and are typically seen along the coast. They both can grow in various soil conditions, which makes them tolerable to the weak, sandy soil within this part of the south.

Although both are seen vastly throughout this region, there are definitely big differences between the two that must be considered when choosing the type of grass for your lawn. 

Grass is an extremely important, if not the most important part of landscaping and the overall appearance This is one of the main differences between these two types of grasses.

With Bahia, you will find thinner blades that tend to fork out, almost resembling weeds. Since this a thinner grass, it is common to see more weed growth with this particular species. On the other hand, St. Augustine grass is a lot more dense, which gives it an appealing, attractive appearance. So, with the appearance aspect, St. Augustine grass is almost always chosen over Bahia.

For maintenance, Bahia grass is generally more drought resistant, which means it would do well in an area that doesn’t see much rainfall. The downside of this is that when overwatered or over fertilized, Bahia grass tends to die off very quickly. Since Florida has a subtropical climate, this grass would see quite a bit of rain, which would ultimately lead to the conditions at which could lead to serious damage or the grass dying.

St. Augustine grass can withstand frequent watering and requires proper fertilization. Ultimately, Bahia grass does require less care, but tends to allow more weeds to surface than St. Augustine grass. 


*$10 core charge per empty pallet 

*$10 core charge per empty pallet 

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